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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Will you get jealous easily?
Yes, i do
I am jealous why are there so many rich people
out there
I am jealous why people has siblings
I am jealous why people has warm and sweet family
I m jealous why people do not need to worry about their family's financial problem at this age
I am jealous why people are tall, slim, pretty, clever.
I am jealous why people can wear on nice clothing...bla bla bla~~

Too much of grievance.
Blaming on this, on that.
Imagining and dreaming of nonsense.
Yet, i must thanks God for giving me intelligence to persuade my studies, strength to overcome every obstacles i faced.
I believe, my hard work will be paid.
Stop jealous on other people's great life.
You maybe be top of the world at this moment, but might be upside down in the next minute.
Build your great life with your own effort.
Your future is in your hand.
Be tough,woman!

Monday, April 26, 2010

When it comes to an end

Finally, i'm done with my 2nd semester.
The 1st year of my uni life just passed like this.
The memory of the Orientation week is still fresh in my mind.
I will be a senior next semester and yet,
I still blur with some route in UPM...haha!

Yesterday was the last day i m sitting in my room.
I was pondering facing the view outside my windows.
I tell myself,
treasure this few minutes as this will be the last time i m looking out from my room.
Every morning and evening,
I'll see people walking past my room to take bus,
riding on bicycle to classes,
couples holding hands to the food court,
I hate this room very much at 1st.
Because it's hot and noisy.
But, when everything comes to an end,
You will feel you're reluctant to let go.

I'm missing my roommate
She is fun to be with.
I'm glad to meet her but not anyone else.
Although there is such a big gap between our age,
I don't feel there is any difference between us.
She will be my 1st and the last roommate.
Take care, roomie.
Good luck~

Too much of grievance towards this college and Uni
But, i m glad to be here anyway.
You will know how good your Uni is when u make a comparison.

Next semester will be a new mode of my Uni life
I am gonna drive on n off to my Uni everyday.
Seems tiring and troublesome.
But, that is my choice.
I have chosen this since last year.
No more turning as everyone is busy preparing for me.

Alright, it's my holiday time!
Appropriately, it's my working time!
Must fight for money for my litter car.
Ohh...i will be spending on it regularly,
Hence, work HARD peep!

Saturday, March 20, 2010




Saturday, February 20, 2010

WooHoo! It's CNY!

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!

It's a tiger year, wish everybody having a wealthy and prosperity year! Watched 'Tiger Woohoo', a Malaysia made CNY movie..not as bad as i expected...ahahaha! Just watched '72 tenants' this evening wif peng n dear..not as good as i expected..aihzz~

This year CNY is the busiest CNY of all since i only have one week of time which need to be divided fairly between family, valentine and friends..sigh! and v did not really celebrate Valentine's Day..so sad...

From the reunion dinner (30 night) until chor 5, i was busy with dinnersss..i wonder why are there so many dinnerss...each day will have different kind of ppl treating us different kind of foodss...eat n eat n eat..beside dinners..will be gathering..which means eat again..walao eh~ must be gained weight!!

Angpaus this year increased=) yeah! ahaha...mainly from my eldest uncle as usual..thx to the wealthy Looi families!

Holidays ended! assignments are waiting to be completed..tests are awaiting me..UPM again..aihzzz~

Friday, January 29, 2010

Home sweet home~

Finally can be apart from 2001A, blok Kalui, kolej kelima for 3 days..woohoo!

1st test is coming! Gambateh, everyone!

I'm waiting CNY like everyone does..hehe!

-the end of the update-

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Consultancy time

Seriously need comments and advice regarding this...hahaha!

Bagsss again!!

http://www.ninishop.net/images/bag/BG1420.htm--i like the black one
http://www.ninishop.net/images/bag/BG1428.htm---this is suitable for classes as i can throw it everywhere without making it dirty..(even dirty oso wont be seen..haha), dark brown will do..
http://www.ninishop.net/images/bag/BG1399.htm--i'm still crazy over white bags but this seems too simple for me
http://www.ninishop.net/images/bag/BG1323.htm---hmm..grey? or no more fabric bags

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music rocks!!

Since Peng posted about her SE Yari..i also wanna post bout my Nokia 5800..hurm! haha..

SE phones are always my choice..but i've chosen Nokia because the price is reasonable with the functions given. Cost me rm900...cis! Mum n dad didn't sponsor me..not even 1 cent! so sad..

Having a busy life currently..1st time not going back home every week..assignments, home works, PAP activities are killing me!

Swear not going to stay in hostel starting next year due to the lao ya-ness of the hostel itself and my own financial reason. I discovered that the cost of staying in hostel and the cost of my fuel plus toll charges are almost the same and might be cheaper i guess..at least my mum and aunt wont be 'bertungkus-lumus' coming on n off to fetch me if i m not staying in the hostel..lessen their burden as well..

So my friend, don't blame me if i m not staying in the hostel like what you all do..i need to take my family members into my consideration. peace=)